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LG wants to compete with China to the end!

Drive China August 3, 2021 news, with the wind and water rotation of the phrase, to summarize the Korean panel makers in the LCD field, the status of change, I believe it is more than appropriate. We all know that in the way of display technology upgrade transformation, suchLGsuch panel giants will put more energy into OLED, so this gives Chinese panel makers the opportunity to overtake LG, and now the global LCD panel market is already the world of Chinese panel makers.

But the world is this way, it seems that we can never predict the future and the accident, originally LG will concentrate on more advanced OLED display technology is not wrong, however, with the arrival of the global LCD panel tide, and the market trend continues to be in the upward path, and in the industry exclaims LCD never slave at the moment, LG has the momentum to turn back, abandon LCD does not exist drops, now and LG will not have a period of time in the future to stop production of LCD considerations.

Of course, with the LCD panel market to the top, the industry expects the current round of panel up should have been to adjust the stage, now the high price of more consolidation run, although the short-term will not have prices significantly down may, but the LCD panel price reduction cycle or can be predicted.

So now the problem is, the market rose, LG is reluctant to leave, if the LCD panel prices open downward channel, LG will adhere to it?

In this regard, LG stated that it wants to differentiate itself in the LCD market, and now it is also adjusting the LCD production line, originally for the production of TV LCD factory will be converted to produce IT equipment LCD panels. In addition, LG also plans to reduce the LCD battery panel production by half, focusing on the production of commercial and large-size equipment with higher profit delivery.

They say: "a good horse does not go back". Obviously this saying is not suitable for business rivers and lakes, the choice is really too important, instead of giving up the LCD mountain to Chinese manufacturers, now LG is ready to personally go down to the sea to compete with China in the end, which in the end is capricious.

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