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The difference between TFT, LCD, OLED, LPTS, CRT and other displays


TFT(Thin Film Transistor) is the abbreviation of thin film transistor. TFT type display is the mainstream display device on all kinds of laptops and desktops, each liquid crystal pixel on this type of display is driven by the thin film transistor integrated behind the pixel, so TFT type display is also a class of active matrix liquid crystal display device. It is one of the best LCD color displays, and its effect is close to that of CRT displays. TFT type displays have the advantages of high responsiveness, high brightness and high contrast ratio, and its display effect is close to that of CRT type displays.


LCD is the abbreviation of Liquid Crystal Display, the structure of LCD is placed in two parallel glass substrate liquid crystal box, the lower substrate glass set TFT (thin film transistor), the upper substrate glass set color filter, through the TFT signal and voltage change to control the direction of rotation of liquid crystal molecules, so as to control each The TFT signal and voltage change to control the direction of rotation of the liquid crystal molecules, so as to control the polarization of each pixel point to achieve the purpose of display. Now LCD has replaced CRT to become the mainstream, the price has also dropped a lot, and has been fully popular.


Organic Light-Emitting Diode (Organic Light-Emitting Diode, OLED) is also known as electromechanical laser display, organic light-emitting semiconductor. OLED display technology has the advantages of self-luminous, wide viewing angle, almost infinitely high contrast ratio, low power consumption, very high response speed, etc.. However, as a high-end display, the price will also be more expensive than LCD TV.


LPTS refers to low temperature polycrystalline silicon screen, the screen is clear and bright.

5.CRT display

CRT display scientific name for "cathode ray tube", is a use of cathode ray tube (Cathode Ray Tube) of the display. There are five main components: electron gun (Electron Gun), deflection coils (Deflection coils), shade mask (Shadow mask), high pressure graphite electrodes and phosphor coating (Phosphor) and glass housing. It is one of the most widely used displays. CRT flat panel displays have the advantages of large viewing angles, no bad dots, high color reproduction, uniform chromaticity, adjustable multi-resolution mode, very short response time and other advantages that LCD displays can hardly surpass, and they are cheaper.

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