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Smartphone TFT-LCD display driver chip market: the rapid growth of local companies in the mainland

Introduction: The growth of the global display panel market in 2020 has driven the growth in demand for display driver chips, according to CINNO Research data, the global demand for display driver chips in 2020 is 8.2 billion, up 8.7% from 2019, of which the demand for smartphoneTFT-LCDpanel driver chips is 1.4 billion, accounting for the overall demand for display driver chips 17%.


In 2020, the global smartphone TFT-LCD driver chip ranking by shipment, Novatek 31% market share, ranking first, followed by Ilitek, FocalTech, Himax, WillSemi, JADARD, Chipone and Samsung System LSI. (Chipone) and Samsung Systems LSI, of which the market share of Mainland China's WillSemi, Jadard and Chipone is 6%, 4% and 2% respectively, ranking fifth to seventh, making the market share of Chinese Mainland companies in the global smartphone TFT-LCD driver chip market over 12%.


The first-ranked United Wing Technology is a leading chip design manufacturer in Taiwan, the world's leading driver chip company, the main products for the full range of flat panel display screen driver chip, as well as mobile terminals and consumer electronics applications of digital audio and video, multimedia single-chip product solutions, its TDDI chip market in smart phones occupies a leading position;


Weir Corporation, a mainland company, acquired Synaptics' TDDI business in Asia for US$120 million in 2020, formally entering the display driver chip market. 6% of the TFT-LCD driver chip market share in 2020 (excluding the share of Synaptics' TDDI business before delivery), ranking fifth.


Shenzhen Tiande Yu, a mainland company, is a core member of Foxconn Technology Group's IC design, established in 2010, the product line includes display driver chips, VCM driver chips, QC/PD fast charging protocol chips and electronic price tag driver chips, etc. After ten years of development, it has become a major supplier of small and medium-sized single-chip solutions worldwide, and in 2020 its share in the smartphone TFT-LCD driver chip market share of 4%, ranking sixth.


Established in 2008, mainland company Tibco North is a leading driver chip company in mainland China, whose product lines include display driver chips, TCON chips, power management chips, fingerprint recognition chips, touch control chips and LED display driver chips, etc. The products are widely used in consumer electronics markets such as smartphones and TVs. 2020 Tibco North's TFT-LCD driver chips for smartphones The market share is close to 2%, ranking seventh.

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