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LCD is on the verge of collapse, OLED screen burning cannot be cured, so why is it so rare to see one in reality?

If we talk about mobile phone screens, then the most debated is definitely LCD and OLED, but with the development of technology, OLED has the momentum of replacing LCD, now smart phones, it is difficult to see the voice of LCD, these days want to buy a LCD phone has not been easy.

In addition, OLED began to conquer the TV circle, Xiaomi just released a 55-inch OLED TV price was dry to 4999 yuan price, I believe it will not be longOLED TVis not unattainable products, into thousands of households, OLED TV compared to LCD TV can be said to be crushed, then the status of LCD will be very embarrassing.

Next is between the TV and mobile phone zone, that is, the computer, OLED in the computer circle has been very slow to promote the speed, in fact, on the one hand because of the cost, on the other hand is the discomfort, unlike the TV and mobile phone, computer display screen is often static.

Because whether it is office software or design software, or even video editing software, these software have a large area is static display, and OLED has one of the biggest problems, that is, burning screen, and no matter how the technology to improve, this is from difficult to fundamentally avoid.

So the PC field, OLED has been slow progress, but with the development of technology, has begun to have a number of laptops began to use OLED screen, and the number of OLED computer monitors is also increasing, which means that LCD may also be driven out of this most unlikely to lose the PC position.

Mobile phones, TVs, PCs, if they are all taken by OLED, then there is not much space left for LCD, but when it comes to this, many people have questions, often heard others say OLED burn screen, and from the principle of OLED burn screen is very difficult to avoid, why they use so many OLED mobile phones, but never encountered a burn screen.

In fact, when OLED first came out, it is indeed very easy to burn screen, because of the independent light-emitting reason, the life of each sub-pixel is different, different attenuation, time will leave traces on the screen, so the mobile phone business began to work on the arrangement, such as we often hear the Zhou Dong Yu arrangement, or diamond arrangement, these programs are shared sub-pixel method, which will lead to a decline in PPI, but to a large extent to avoid burning screen.

Of course, in addition to the arrangement, screen manufacturers also work on materials, the introduction of more durable materials, software algorithms to optimise, such as pixel shift, as a way to avoid burning screen occurrence, with these measures, then the average person will be very difficult to encounter burned screen.

Mobile devices are special, in fact, the main reason why OLED is afraid of burning screen is afraid of long time display static screen, but for mobile phones, there should be very few people will display static screen for a long time, most of the scenes are dynamic, watch videos, daily brush screen, play games, these do not cause burning screen, to burn the screen of mobile phones, you need the phone to display static screen for a long time.

The third is that it is not easy to burn the screen, OLED life can already exceed 20,000 hours, that is, according to 20 hours a day, it also takes 1000 days, and this is still in the case of high brightness, so to achieve this intensity of use, should first consider not the mobile phone screen, but their eyes, in fact, most people play mobile phones every day, the average time of the screen electric light down to less than 10 hours, so want to use the screen is really not easy.

It is for these reasons that the probability of OLED burning screen can now be said to have reached the point of negligence, indeed there are still people who will roll over, but most people can successfully use to retirement, so they will not encounter the problem of burning screen, precisely because it is a very small probability event, most people are naturally very difficult to encounter, so burning screen is like a mirage, have heard, but most of them do exist. It's a mirage.

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