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LED, LCD display introduction and different LED display and LCD display difference

What is the difference between LCD display andLEDdisplay? LED backlight is power saving, high priced, vibrant and saturated. LCD is power consuming and cheaper compared to LED backlight. On the screen, LED backlighting is more vivid and saturated. LED display's individual element response speed is 1000 times faster than LCD LCD, which can also look good under strong light and adapt to low temperatures of -40 degrees. Here's a detailed look at LED and LCD displays with me.

What is LCD

LCD is the full name of Liquid Crystal Display, mainly TFT, UFB, TFD, STN and several other types of LCD can not locate the program input point on the dynamic link library.

TFT (Thin Film Transistor) is a thin film transistor, each LCD pixel point is driven by a thin film transistor integrated behind the pixel point, thus allowing high speed, high brightness, high contrast display screen information, is currently one of the best LCD colour display devices, is now the mainstream display device on laptops and desktops. It is one of the best LCD colour display devices available and is now the dominant display device on notebooks and desktops. Compared to STN, TFT has excellent colour saturation, reproduction ability and higher contrast ratio, and can still be seen very clearly under the sun, but the disadvantage is that it consumes more power and is also more costly.

What is LED

LED is the abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode. LED applications can be divided into two main categories: one is LED displays; the other is LED single tube applications, including backlight LEDs, infrared LEDs and so on. Now in terms of LED display, China's design and production technology level is basically synchronized with the international. LED display is a display device composed of an arrangement of light-emitting diodes 5000 yuan computer configuration list. It uses low voltage scanning drive, with: less power consumption, long service life, low cost, high brightness, less failure, large viewing angle, visual distance and other characteristics.

The difference between LCD display and LED display

Compared to LCD displays, LED displays have more advantages in terms of brightness, power consumption, viewing angle and refresh rate. Using LED technology, a thinner, brighter and clearer display than LCD can be manufactured.

1, The power consumption ratio of LED to LCD is about 1:10, LED is more energy efficient.

2, LED has a higher refresh rate and better performance in terms of video.

3, LED provides a wide viewing angle of up to 160 °, can display a variety of text, digital, colour images and animation information, can play TV, video, VCD, DVD and other colour video signals.

4, LED display of the individual elements of the response rate is 1000 times faster than LCD LCD, can also be seen in bright light, and adapt to the low temperature of minus 40 degrees.

Simply put, LCD and LED are two different display technologies, LCD is a display made up of liquid crystals, while LED is a display made up of light emitting diodes.

LED backlighting: power saving (30%~50% compared to CCFL), high price, high vibrancy and saturation.

CCFL backlight: power consumption compared to LED backlight (still much more power efficient than CRT), cheaper.

Screen difference: LED backlight is more vibrant and saturated (CCFL and LED are inherently different light sources).

How to differentiate: LED backlighting will be specifically emphasised as LED TV, and what is not emphasised is CCFL LCD TV.

LCD display and LED display selection guide

1, If the area is small and requires high clarity, please choose LCD splicing display.

2, If the display screen must not have gaps affecting the picture, please choose LED display.

3, If the viewing distance is far and the area is large, please choose LED display, the spacing can be based on the size of the area, choose more than 2mm spacing LED display.

4, If the viewing distance is close, about 3 meters or less, and play the content is not a map, etc., you can choose LCD splicing screen.

5, Cost, LED display spacing is probably the watershed in the 2mm spacing, 2mm below the LED display unit area is higher than the LCD splicing display. 2mm spacing above the LED display unit is lower than the LCD splicing display.

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