Local time at 5:59 on the 22nd Fukushima northeast offshore magnitude 7.4 earthquake, the earthquake depth of 10 km, the maximum measured terrestrial magnitude 5, Tokyo Electric Power Fukushima second nuclear power plant part of the unit was suspended, the local is not Although the factory was stopped for a while, but a number have been restored, science and technology will be the new newspaper for the earthquake manufacturing industry supply chain continues to make the latest situation.

(KUREHA) is located in Fukushima Pan City 24-hour laboratory heating equipment, fire, but the fire broke out in the city of Fukushima, the city of Kawasaki Chemical Industry Co., According to the official statement fire has been extinguished in 40 minutes, fortunately no casualties, but caused some damage to equipment. Currently due to earthquake factory shutdown for safety inspection, scheduled 1 to 2 days and then return to work.

Renesas Semiconductor in Ibaraki Prefecture Nakasu City, 8-inch fab equipment has been damaged, the plant was stopped running, but has now returned to work. Fujitsu also has an 8-inch wafer fab in Fukushima Prefecture, but has not yet received disaster news.

Fukushima Iwaki Plant, Nissan Bus Terminal Close to Fukushima Factory evacuated for security reasons At present the suspension of operation, but no damage to personnel, equipment or construction damage came, Nissan in Tochigi Prefecture production of high-level car factory is normal operation. Toyota Motor Miyagi large-scale village factory normal operation.

Capacitor manufacturer NEC TOKIN also located in Miyagi Prefecture's Shiraishi factory with no disaster came the normal operation.

Fukushima 7.4 earthquake, Japan's northeast supply chain is not affected