Since the beginning of the year, LCD panel prices showed varying degrees of growth, IHS announced the latest international market panel price trend, Which the highest increase of more than 17 dollars. However, because the LCD panel in the cost of the total TV cost accounted for about 80%, so the price of the overall trend of television also has been affected.

  According to statistical data, both small-screen or large-screen TV panels have appeared in varying degrees of gains, it can be said to cover the full size. In fact, in addition to 720P and 1080P panel, 4K ultra-high-definition TV panels have not escaped the wave of price increases. Among them, 49-inch 4K ultra-high-definition panel, the maximum increase of 13 dollars, Whose maximum offer is163 dollars. 55-inch 4K ultra-high-definition TV panel, the maximum increase of 8 US dollars, whose maximum offer is 205 dollars.

Throughout the TV market, After Letv decided on increasing the price of 100-200 yuan on the parts of 4th generation super Letv, Storm Group will also be the third quarter net profit fell sharply attributed to the TV panel and other raw material prices.

When it comes to the increasing reseaon,there are two main aspects.On the one hand,the fourth quarter of each year is the sales season of the panel,meanwhile,TV manufacturers’ increasing demands.So that TV manufacturers can just accept the panel prices.On the other hand,the supply of TV panels is very tight because of capacity,which led to increasing price.

LCD TV panel prices have led to a bottleneck in the TV industry

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