The full name of the LCD Display Modules in English is Liquid Crystal Display, which is a kind of flat panel display.
     The lcd display is divided into two types: monochrome and color LCD.
     At present, monochrome LCDs have almost withdrawn from the notebook market, and color LCDs continue to develop.
     Color LCD is mainly divided into STN and TFT. Among them, TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD, also known as active electro-crystalline thin film transistor liquid crystal display, is a true color LCD screen commonly known by many people; DSTN (Dual -Scn Twisted Nematic) LCD, which is a dual scan LCD screen. It is a display method of STN LCD, and has now withdrawn from the market.
     The development of liquid crystal display technology is in line with the current trend of information products, and is developing towards light, thin, short and small targets. Coupled with low power consumption, small size and low radiation, it gives users a better user experience.

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