LCD products prices why OLED products are greatly reduced

An interesting phenomenon in the display market is that TFT LCD products have started to rise in price and the emerging OLED products have started to fall in price.

This rise and fall really reflects something about the industry as a whole.

First of all, the LCD rise in price is mainly affected by the upstream raw material prices, according to the LCD panel gains generally in 15%, other components materials such as copper, aluminum prices are rising, overall prices by nearly 20% increase in the price of the LCD panel will drive the downstream of the machine greatly, especially to rise especially in the field of large size LCD TV.The trend is expected to continue.

LCD prices are mainly affected by upstream raw material prices

And LCD panel prices also have a track record, with the deepening of the OLED technology research and recognized by the market, the mainstream of the panel makers are part of the capacity to separate studies OLED panel technology, put OLED technology development center, therefore, to reduce the supply end, upstream of the LCD panel will lead to the increase of liquid crystal display module composition of this.

After the development of the technology , there is only the capacity to limit the development of OLED technology. When the supply of OLED panels is improved, OLED display products will enter the consumer market quickly.

TFT LCD Display prices why OLED products are greatly reduced