One article knows the crucial technology of LCD and cost structure.

Besides liquid crystal face plate, what are two crucial techniques with the mainest LCD? This chapter should introduce industry of liquid crystal face plate with everybody besides two the most important parts beyond liquid crystal face plate, be in a poor light modular group and group of model of drive circuit IC, replace CCFL already completely as a result of LED, be in a poor light we introduce the part only so LED is in a poor light, drive IC technology is not my special skill, the part that I can understand me as far as possible 100 % impart everybody, I still arranged the industrial catenary of the cost structure of LCD and LCD finally, hope everybody can know the most essential indication industry with the most relaxed mood: LCD.

The illuminant of the LCD (LCD Light Source) Of the LCD be in a poor light phyletic

Because itself of liquid crystal element won\’t give off light, we just use liquid crystal element \” lie on glass \” or \” the station is on glass \” will control black and white just, what real conference gives off light is glow diode actually (LED) or cold cathode tube (CCFL) , we are called \” illuminant (Source) \” .

LED is in a poor light technology:

LED TV is to pass glow diode to replace fluorescent lamp of CCFL cold cathode to be in charge of, the illume with will come true better is shown like the effect. Nevertheless, LED is in a poor light development also is in up to now ceaseless evolution, basically use at 3 kinds of types so, indication result is endless also and same.

The plan differs 13 kinds be in a poor light principle graph

A. Straight LED leaving type is in a poor light:

Basically be to be in be in a poor light board on bestrew LED lamp, achieve even illume result. The characteristic depends on a picture pledging exquisite, be in a poor light the source can set area, that is to say so called \” local accuse light \” technology, realize alone processing in the light of different color thereby. Nevertheless, this kind is in a poor light the technology can affect the ply of TV, so a few with ultrathin to sell the TV of the dot to change direction another kind is in a poor light technology.

If pursue one (A) be shown, craft of illuminant of straight back leaving type is simple, do not need to guide light board, box of lamp of LED array park is bottom, the light that gives out from LED passes underside and flank reflex, of repass surface diffuse board shoot equably with optical model group. The ply of illuminant of straight back leaving type is mixed by ministry of lamp one\’s store of valuables the distance decision of scattering board, ply is normally thicker, the smooth uniformity that carries illuminant on the back is better. In back illuminant poorer condition falls, colour and brightness uniformity became the technical key of illuminant of straight back leaving type. Type of distribution is opposite the smooth field of LED lamp the colour that carries illuminant on the back and brightness uniformity are having main effect, back illuminant place has lambert normally with LED lamp model blast off with the edge model two kinds, because the edge blasts off model LED more the smooth uniformity that is helpful for carrying illuminant on the back, illuminant of straight back leaving type uses an edge to blast off mostly model LED. But emissive LED of edge of old point of view because among its light intensity on the low side, easy cause blackening, the influence carries the uniformity of illuminant on the back.

B. Side is in a poor light into type LED:

Understand very easily, side is in a poor light into type LED is in liquid crystal face plate all around erect LED bulb, illuminate arrives guide illume of liquid crystal screen comes true after light board. Because bulb is fewer, so moving TV firm designs television body more frivolously, the ultrathin TV of the mainstream on market all uses this kind of technology. Nevertheless, as a result of a few congenital blemish, cannot come true local accuse light, color performance side leaves type continuously not as good as so outstanding.

If pursue one (B) be shown, side smooth style is in a poor light module is about to nod shape illuminant setting to be in those who pass special design to guide light board side regards a back as illuminant, use LED number is less; And because illuminant park guides light board side, LED accepts a number and brightness restriction, when still needing will smooth even and dispersive whole plane to go up, can form jump over when face plate area big, illuminant brightness is spent apply more finite. Because LED is in a poor light the source is put in the flank of the product, guide because of needing to add only at the back of this light board is OK the exterior ply of liquid crystal product can be accomplished very thin, for instance ZX1 series of Suo Ni, it uses side smooth style to be in a poor light namely module.

C. Quanta selects a technology:

Very popular recently \” quanta nods TV \” , also be actually a kind be in a poor light new-styly technology. Its characteristic depended on using material of accept rice crystal to replace LED illuminant character, realize purer, color reductive more distinct be in a poor lighting colour, promote the standard that can rival OLED the color effect of liquid crystal TV. So, use quanta to nod liquid crystal TV of the technology, also be current the result shows in the market best, price is the highest.

Quanta dot technology is the new measure that promotes colour gamut. Quanta dot is formed by zinc, cadmium, Selenium and sulfur atom, it is crystal diameter is in 2 – the accept rice material between 10 accept rice. Because its photoelectricity is characteristic distinctive, after be stimulated by photoelectricity, the diametical volume that can burn according to quanta, the very sterling high quality monochromatic that gives out all sorts of different color is smooth. Be based on this one character, if use quanta dot data on the back illuminant of TV, with blue LED illuminate can give out completely spectral light, undertake modulatory subtly to be in a poor light thereby, promote colour gamut show considerably then, make colour more bright.

If pursue one (C) be shown, can see quanta nods a technology to also need the excitation of blue LED, proved the value that blue LED invents further. What quanta dot is in a poor light is not complex, quanta the dot makes film, place between blue LED and liquid crystal face plate, such OK and effective colour gamut that promote liquid crystal face plate. Volume of quanta dot itself is exceedingly minor, because this quanta nods filmy ply,also be OK pilot is very good, the ply that won\’t let liquid crystal show equipment increases.

One article knows the crucial technology of LCD and cost structure.