We can say in life is inseparable from the display products, especially LCD, whether office or entertainment will have its intervention. The LCD screen manufacturer tells you the structure of the LCD.

The imaging principle of LCD can be simply understood as follows: 

by applying voltage to stimulate the deflection of LCD screen molecules to produce images of points, lines and surfaces, the LCD molecules act like a gate to block the passing rate of the light emitted by the LED backlight, and then project the light into different color filters to form images. 

  • The internal structure of the LCD screen panel is composed of LCD screen molecular layer, filter film and backlight.

  • The structure of the LCD screen below the molecular layer and between the backplate. 

  • They are a reflector, a refractor, and three filters. 

  • The purpose of the reflector is to reflect light back to reduce the loss of light. 

  • The purpose of the refractor is to reflect and refract light inside the refractor, distributing it evenly throughout the screen. 

  • The function of a filter is to remove a certain wavelength of light. Each of the three filters has its own function. In addition to emitting light, the LED backlight is equipped with a transparent filter layer and a white reflector. Many of the particles in the filter are designed to make the backlight more uniform by refraction and reflection. 

  • The reflector increases the brightness of the LED backlight. 

  • The LED backlight is combined with reflectors, refractors, and filters so that the light source is more evenly distributed throughout the screen.

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LCD screen structure, LCD screen manufacturers tell you