Simply put, LCDs use fluorescent tubes to glow

LEDs are done with semiconductor LEDs

LCD glow is the line

The LED light

Traditional point-and-point LCD displays use CCFL light-emitting diodes (LEDs), usually in the form of long strips. The light source also includes low-grade white light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and tricolor LEDs, the latter of which can control the color temperature by adjusting the intensity of tricolor light, but at a higher cost.

CCFL luminescent tube to be arranged in the edge of the LCD or three parallel arrangement, through the light guide device to illuminate the full screen, screen brightness is not easy to achieve uniformity, but generally not easy to detect, corner leakage is often there.

LED light-emitting tube can use circuit control luminous intensity, relatively energy-saving (CCFL can not use voltage to adjust the luminous intensity, otherwise color temperature changes greatly). It's worth noting that the LED backlight is also arranged on the edge, and there is also full-screen lattice, although full-screen lattice is better, the cost is higher.

What is the difference between Led backlight and LCD panel