If the LCD liquid crystal plate box of imposition once after and the value in the voltage,  LCD liquid crystal plate long axis to skew along the magnetic field from the beginning of the position, when the voltage by about 2 times after the threshold voltage, in addition to the grid in the form of TFT LCD liquid crystal plate, all TFT LCD liquid crystal plate box of liquid crystal between two grid plate into position along the magnetic field of the display mode. At that time, the optical rotation performance of 90° was not obvious, and optical rotation efficiency was obtained between orthogonal polarizing plates. So that the surface of the machine can not leak light, in the parallel bias between the vibration plate because of the light effect, so that the machine can no longer block the light TFT LCD screen.

TFT LCD liquid crystal plate imaging principle of show is to put the TFT LCD liquid crystal plate between the two pieces of heat transfer of glass and by the magnetic field between two grid drive, cause twist nematic liquid crystal plate of the magnetic field effect, to grasp characteristics of light transmission and coverage, in power open between light and shade and shows images inside, with black and white filter, can be shown in black and white image.

At present, all the distribution of dot graphics and large sum distribution of dot character LCD liquid crystal plate cultivation display machine have taken the STN mode.STN skills are already in their infancy and perfection in liquid crystal plate property. The STN way of cargo construction is fundamentally the same as the TN way, except that the personnel display in the liquid crystal plate in the box is not distorted along 90°, but 180° ~ 360°.

Because we are using the type of TN liquid crystal plate expose trace parts in liquid crystal plate distortion in box screw torque than visible light grow up much, because when along the side of the glass LCD screen in the form of liquid crystal plate Chen the position differences or the curve of the orthogonal partial light into, after its PianSheng vibration position is through the whole liquid crystal light will be distorted after plate layer 90 ° from the other side, and a liquid crystal plate box of deposit are the parallel PianSheng vibration between can shading, can shading between surface are orthogonal PianSheng piece, but is orthogonal PianSheng vibration can light-leaking between utility and performance. Are two pieces of glass clothes have a match to the membrane, because the TFT LCD liquid crystal plate will match to along the groove, groove left due to the glass to match the membrane right 90 degrees, due to the TFT LCD liquid crystal plate type change, when the glass substrate no exit magnetic field, the light through PianSheng vibration plate with LCD liquid crystal plate changes do 90 degrees, through below PianSheng vibration plate, TFT LCD liquid crystal panel plates show red.

When the glass substrate exits the magnetic field, the plate of the liquid crystal changes in alignment. The light keeps its original position through the space of the plate of the liquid crystal and is covered by the skewed vibratory plate below.

The internal structure of LCD screen