The Intelligent 7 TFT LCD Module with Cortex-M4 32bit CPU can be controlled by Any MCU via simple Hex Instruction through the UART port.

STONE supplies the TOOLBOX Software for an engineer to Easy & Visually set various functions on Graphical User Interface, Such as Text, Number, Curve, Image switching, Keyboard, progress bar, slider, Dial, Clock and Touch button, Data storage, USB downloading, Video & Audio.

So it is much easy for an engineer to adopt TFT-LCD Colorful User Interface & Touch control function on various industrial equipment, And it also can reduce much Development Time and Cost.

Easy Usage:

1. Design a group of Beautiful "Graphical User Interface", And Set various application functions on GUI by using our ToolBox Software.

2. Connect with customers MCU through RS232, RS485 or TTL level directly, Plug and Play.

3. Write a program for MCU to control the TFT LCD Module via 4 pcs simple Hex Instruction.

For Example Image Switching Instruction.

             Send "0xA5 0x5A 0x04 0x80 0x03 0x00 0x01", Display Image-01

0xA5 0x5A: Frame Head of each Instruction

0x04: Data length

0x80: Write Instruction to Register

0x03: Image Switching Instruction

0x00 0x01: Image_ID, the Sequence Number of the image Storage position

Application Area: Medical & Beauty Equipment, Engineering Machinery & Vehicle Equipment, Electronic InstrumentIndustrial Control SystemElectric Power Industry, Civil Electronic Equipment, Automation Equipment, Traffic Equipment,Etc.

STONE 7 TFT LCD Specifications:


• Cortex m4 CPU;
• UART interface (RS232/RS485/TTL) ;
• 256-byte register;
• 128 kb variable memory;
• 128 MB flash memory, expandable to 1 GB;
• GUI design software;
• The customized command set;
• 8-channel curve trend chart memory;
• extremely fast variable display response speed;
• The single-page supports up to 128 display variables;
• Integrated real-time clock RTC,
• Touch buzzer sound function;
• Support software 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270-degree screen rotation, adjust the appropriate visual Angle;



STONE TOOLBox(GUI Design software):


STONE TOOLBox (software)


-- Free and easy to use STONE TOOL Box software

-- property value components that can be allocated at run time

-- Drag-and-drop components for GUI design and interaction

-- built-in debugger for HMI project emulation



How to work 7 TFT LCD with it:


1) Design a GUI with our TOOLS BOX by using .jpg or .bmp images. Assign the variable memory address to the variable function part like text or data display, icons or buttons. Download the project file to the display.

2)Connect the display with your controller (Arduino, Raspberry pi or even 8-bit single board computer) through the UART interface.

3)Program your controller and let it send the customized hex command to the display, read/write the variable memory or register.

7 TFT LCD Module (STVI070WT-01)