Judging the quality of light guide plate products mainly from the following 2 points to detect:

1. Good light transmittance, generally required to reach more than 92%,

2. Uniform light output, no dark areas, and bright spots are required, and the uniformity is more than 85%.

3. Metal feet are stable and no lights are off

4. The light guide plate is clean without stains

When we receive the goods, we can only measure the appearance, such as scratch, breakage, dimensional tolerance and flatness of the whole plate. Actually, these are all within a certain range, and the specific range is still determined by the effect of lighting after assembly.

The material appearance of the light guide plate is not generally visible. It is mainly judged by the test data. The technology of the light guide plate has two major aspects:

1. Transmittance of materials;2. Dot design technology and reflective film material selection.

How to judge the quality of light guide plate