General LCD screen is 250-350cd brightness, use in the indoor is no problem, but to use in the outdoor, outdoor navigation, face recognition, visual doorbell, fishing device and other equipment, this brightness will not see clearly, can‘t sunlight readable display, screen white.This requires a high-brightness display, which STONE's clear, visible, high-brightness display in sunlight can fully satisfy, up to 1,000 CDS or more.

STONE advanced display module, a full range of 3.5 to 15.1 inches of small and medium size standard quasi TFT LCD module, LCD display, liquid crystal display module, display industry, industrial LCD screen, under the sunlight visually highlight LCD display, industrial custom screen, LCD screen wide temperature, industrial IPS LCD screen, touch screen industry, high and low temperature industrial screen, screen defence industry.TFT LCD module is very suitable for industrial control devices, medical devices, POS systems, consumer electronics products, vehicle or GPS navigation products

Sunlight readable display with touch screen