LCD display, it is placed in the middle of the two pieces of parallel glass liquid crystal box, the substrate glass set on TFT (thin film transistor), set the color filter substrate glass on, on the TFT signal and the voltage change to control the rotation direction of the liquid crystal molecules, so as to achieve control of each pixel display emergent polarized light or not and to achieve.


LED LCD screen, is composed of a lot of light emitting diode display panel, the equivalent of every pixel is a small light-emitting diodes (leds), relative to the LCD, LED display, it adopts low voltage scanning drive, has: less consumption, long service life, low cost, high brightness, low malfunction, large Angle of view, the visual distance, etc.


At present, the market said that the LED display is not the real sense of the LED display, it is accurate to say that the LED backlight LCD display, LCD panel is still a traditional LCD display, in a sense, this is how much contain the nature of fraud!South Korea's samsung was found guilty by the British advertising association of violating the country's advertising laws because its "LEDTV" LCD TVS were misleading consumers.


For liquid crystal display, the most important is the key to the LCD panel and a backlight type, and the display of the LCD panel on the market generally use TFT panel, is the same, the LED LCD panel and the LCD display is just the difference between their different backlight: LED backlight and CCFL backlight (fluorescent), diodes and the cold cathode tube, respectively.


In general, LCDS are liquid-crystal-driven displays and leds are light-emitting diodes.


The difference between LCD display and LED LCD screen