LCD display I believe that you are familiar with, so how much do you know about LCD display LCD purity? Here is a detailed introduction:

The Purity of flashing LCD screen LCD (Purity), as with the main wavelength paint color for mark, in percentage, defined as chromaticity coordinates under test and E light chromaticity coordinates, linear distance and E light source to the piece under test the percentage of the chromaticity coordinates main wavelength spectrum of orbital distance, the higher the Purity, on behalf of the under test pieces of the chromaticity coordinates of the near its the main wavelength spectrum of color, is the higher the Purity to be a direct sales in industrial control flashing LCD screen, the more suitable to the main wavelength to describe the color feature, the LCD is an example.

LCD industrial screen utility model stage: LCD industrial screen with environmental protection, high brightness, high clarity, high reliability, and other characteristics gradually highlighted the characteristics of industrial LCD flash screen, and the last stage, the LCD industrial screen market just satisfied with people's demand, but in the LCD industrial screen products are not up to the requirements, the quality is not up to standard. With the development of an LCD industrial screen, now LCD products have a new break. At least it's better than the last one. We've also developed a range of products that are completely different from the traditional light source. LCD industrial screen will present a larger and wider development space.

Intelligent operation stage of LCD industrial screen: with the continuous improvement and development of LCD flash screen skills, LCD as the semiconductor industry, will also take this train, play its high controllability characteristics.

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About the LCD screen liquid crystal purity