The role and key of HMI

Professor zhu xi sheng of the institute of an automobile of Tongji University: man-machine co-driving-HMI helps ADAS industrialization

How does the driver coexist with the ADAS auxiliary system? What role does HMI play? Professor zhu believes that it is important to establish a natural driving database and understand the driving mechanism of drivers. He is currently collecting data from natural driving to identify conflicts between drivers and driving-assistance systems. The role of HMI is to enable the two "drivers" to communicate effectively, resolve differences and conflicts, and facilitate the industrialization of ADAS.

Youfang, professor, school of arts and media, Tongji university: HMI design of automobile simulator system

In order to better serve the intelligent network car system, professor yofang set up a car simulator. In terms of interaction design, we should continue the basic thinking of user experience -- people, cars and environment, and consider from the three dimensions of interaction design, information facilities, vision and human behavior, psychology, and social habits.

How to improve the HMI user experience?

Zhang ziliang, HMI integration expert of saic passenger vehicle system: multi-screen trend, optical interference research to improve user experience

With the development of the entertainment screen towards the co-driver or rear seat and the trend of more application of HMD, WHMD, and AIHMD in interaction design, the phenomenon of multi-screen appears in automobiles, and the optical interference in the multi-screen interaction process directly affects the user experience. By analyzing the optical path of passenger cars and simulating the real scene of human eyes in the later stage, saic can find out the reasons for optical interference and reduce optical interference from the aspects of screen material replacement, instrument display optimization, and HUD layout design.

Zhou Feng, chief user experience officer of uptrend technology: principles of driverless interaction design, personalization, sharing, time-release, and non-discrimination

As a solution company in the driverless field, trend technology understands driverless driving from three aspects -- intelligence, mobility, and space. Adhere to humanization in interaction design, and provide more humanized hardware configuration through AI; Sharing, reducing costs through sharing; The release of time and non-discrimination, improve the user experience.

Du baonan, co-founder of singularities automobile: to enter the design and decision with user experience

Du baonan believes that both the car simulator and the reflective model cost a lot of investment, as a start-up, singularity automobile is more from the perspective of user experience into the design, decision-making, and at the same time, the interior material, space to AR, MR configuration and other aspects of the details to improve the user experience.

Yang dawei, senior director of demand analysis of global car planning department: pay attention to the overall interaction between cars, charging piles and parking Spaces to improve user experience

As for time-sharing leasing, Yang dawei not only pays attention to the interaction between people and cars but also pays more attention to the overall interaction between cars, charging piles and parking Spaces to improve users' experience.EVCRAD excavates the pain points behind the user's car scene and purposes to meet the user's requirements of safety, comfort, and intelligence. At the same time, we are cooperating with saic and nextev to realize the first commercial scenario of the driverless application by combining auto parking and auto charging in the future.

HMI standard system establishment status

Yu feng, director of technical support department of Shanghai automobile research institute: reference of European human-computer interaction standard

In Europe, HMI has no mandatory standards, but manufacturers will follow industry guidelines to design integration to reduce driver distraction. Europe has ESOP standards, and as the level of autonomous driving increases, there is a significant change in what drivers can operate. Yu feng hopes that the situation of the European standard-setting can provide us with reference. As a third party, Shanghai automotive research and testing co., ltd. has participated in the formulation and research of many standards, including the drafting group of national ADAS standards. On the basis of Shanghai new energy landmark committee, the standard working group of intelligent network automobiles was established. There are industrial alliance standards and so on.

Application of human-machine interaction (HMI) in the intelligent automobile field