There are 3 types of lighting on LCD screens. Have the cent of transmittance type, half transmittance type, and reflection type, what use do these illume way to have? Next and small makeup together to understand it!

1. Transmission LCD

Using backlight (with offset type and the type of) the light to illuminate, and make it through the LCD panel and color filter for display, such as housing under the backlight will increase the weight of the screen and thickness, plus to the power supply and power consumption, etc., basically is not used for mobile phones and other portable devices, and more used to facilitate power supply of liquid crystal TV, computer monitors and other large-display devices, and higher requirements for brightness.

2. Semi-transmission liquid crystal display

Both transmission type and reflection type of structural characteristics, in the daytime under the use of external light reflection, can save power. Indoor and night should need to use backlight lighting, most suitable for portable equipment, at present, color portable equipment such as color mobile phone, most of the use of half transmission.

3. Reflective liquid crystal display

Because the external light such as the daytime sunlight and indoor electric light such as illuminate the surface of the display (in the LCD screen by reflection).The reflected light is displayed through the LCD screen and color filter, which has no power consumption of backlight and is light in weight.

In a reflective liquid crystal display, the pixel electrode of the reflective plate is mostly made of aluminum, silver, and other metal films. The incident light of the reflective liquid crystal display is reflected by the internal pixel electrode, and then shoots out through the liquid crystal layer again. In order to increase the reflected light as much as possible and improve the Angle of view, it is necessary to form a bump on the surface of the pixel electrode. And to set the light diffusion film on the upper part of the liquid crystal layer, it is necessary to improve the performance.

3 types of lighting on LCD screens