Reflector screen and semi-permeable screen is the main difference is the reflective screen can not add backlight, plus the backlight also can't transmission to come over, need to rely on the external light source for lighting, see the font, the reflective screen is suitable for some batteries, for low power requirements, its normal work single LCD power consumption probably around 10-20 uA, specific and to be decided according to the size of the screen.

Half through the screen is not to add backlight when the screen can also work as normal as the reflection screen, but at night, halfway through the screen plus backlight, the light source below can be transmitted, do not worry about the night in no light source can not see the display content.

Price is convenient, the size parameters of the same material, reflective screen price is lower than that of a semipermeable screen, most do semi-permeable screen is needed to add a backlight, so a semipermeable screen even more than the reflector screen backlight, backlight price according to the size of the LCD screen, the price also does not agree, what specific selection screen or want to be decided according to the actual situation.

The difference between LCD screen reflection screen and semi-transparent screen