The LCD screen can achieve high speed, high brightness, high contrast display screen information, is the mainstream display module.The following summary of several  LCD screen common problem solutions for your reference!

First, adjust the VOLTAGE value of LCD to solve the specific method of bad contrast

Solution: VSS or VEE are connected to the 3 pins of the adjustable potentiometer; VDD is connected to the 1 pin of the adjustable potentiometer; VO is connected to the middle pin of the adjustable potentiometer to adjust the potentiometer to make it bright or dark (the adjustable potentiometer chooses 10K euros --30k euros).

Second, the display content is disorderly or disturbed

The first step is to determine if there is a problem with the software

Secondly, the clutter of the output signal of the power supply should be guaranteed to be as small as possible

Again, stay away from high-frequency circuits and motors

Three, pay attention to static electricity

A large amount of electrostatic charge and short discharge time results in high voltage and easy breakdown IC, V=Q/T.

Four, the customer point not bright LCD products are mainly divided into the following several circumstances

1. The LCD screen backlight is not bright

2. There is an error in the initialization procedure of the software


1. About the backlight source -- is there any high current to burn the lamp out, and is there any resistance welding?

2, the power must meet the most basic requirements of the module, can not add too much voltage to burn out the module;

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