When a clear LCD screen, must not wipe the screen surface with any alkalescent solution or chemical solution at will. The smudge of industrial TFT LCD display panel is roughly divided into two kinds, one kind is the dust in the air that because accumulate over a long period of time sticks, one kind is the fingerprint that the user leaves in casual in and smear. Many people in the cleaning LCD screen errors, small makeup remind, if not pay attention to, these details have certain damage to the LIQUID crystal.

1. Wipe the LCD screen with a general soft cloth or paper towel. Ten million cannot use a general soft cloth (be like eyeglasses cloth) or paper towel will wipe liquid crystal screen, to soft liquid crystal screen character, their surface still is too coarse, very easily scratch the liquid crystal screen of delicate gas.

2. Clean the LCD screen with clean water. When using clean water, the liquid can easily drip into the LCD screen interior, which can cause a short circuit in the equipment circuit, thus burning out expensive electronic equipment.

3. Clean the LCD screen with alcohol and other chemical solvents. LCD screens have a special coating on the screen, and once the alcohol is used to wipe the display screen, it will dissolve this special coating, which will adversely affect the display effect.

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Cleaning method of industrial TFT LCD display