As we all know, liquid crystal display (LCD). Nowadays, with the development of liquid crystal display (LCD) technology, a new type of liquid crystal strip screen has appeared. The 7-inch display LCD screen is widely used in various industries and fields and is highly praised in the market. So, what parameters should I pay attention to when buying a 7-inch display LCD screenAs professional LCD manufacturers, the following, for you in detail.

I. Resolution

When everybody chooses LIQUID crystal screen, what everybody pays attention to first often is resolution, because everybody also knows, the resolution is higher, the display effect also is clearer with exquisite.

Second, panel and double speed technology

Liquid crystal panel can largely determine the brightness, contrast, color, visual Angle of liquid crystal display, liquid crystal panel development speed is very fast liquid crystal panel part and liquid crystal display have quite a close relationship. Its output, advantages and disadvantages, market environment, and other factors are related to the LCD's own quality, price, and market trend, because an LCD's about 80% of the cost is concentrated in the panel. So, an LCD panel is also one of the key points that need to pay attention to when buying an LCD screen.

Three, the backlight source

Since LCDs do not emit light by themselves, it is necessary to illuminate the screen in order to render an image on an LCD screen. This is the role of the backlight. The liquid crystal bar screen USES the cold light source tube to emit light.

4. Response speed

In terms of seconds, the national standard is 20 seconds or less, and the current product is 6 seconds or 4 seconds, the smaller the better.

These are the parameters you should pay attention to when buying a 7-inch LCD screen.In addition, other parameters such as dual-screen, surround sound, output/input interface, etc., can also be selected by users according to their own needs.

Tips for purchasing a 7-inch display LCD screen