The mobile phone screen is a variety of materials, and now there are a lot of screen material names on the market, so many people who want to buy a mobile phone is not catchy, this issue of the article, I wrote an analysis for you.

First of all, we are in daily use, the most contact with the mobile phone screen, sometimes the screen is good or bad to decide whether we buy the main conditions, but many partners because they do not understand the mobile phone material, and the standard on the size, for the mobile phone material, fit technology, resolution do not consider, in fact, this is a wrong choice method. The following is to say the screen material for everyone.

LCD Display

Introduction: the full name of LCD is liquid crystal display, is now used more mobile phone screen material, characterized by cheap, widespread use, in the display need to have backlight support.

Mobile phone parameter table in the main screen material this one, often see TFT, IPS, SLCD, SNT, some do not know the material, often these materials let us think he is a variety of screen, but the fact that they do not represent different screen material, but the different display technologies of LCD. The most common LCD display technology on the mobile phone screen mainly has TFT, IPS, SLCD, and other screen materials.

LCD display consists of the backlight, lower polarizer, drive layer, liquid crystal layer, color filter, and upper polarizer. The different drive layers lead to different materials, such as the LTPS-LCD of the Glory 30S

Here's what I'll say about the differences between phone screens made of different materials.

TFT screen: TFT is called thin-film field-effect transistors, which is one of the active-matrix liquid crystal display. It is characterized by good brightness, high contrast, a strong sense of depth, and bright colors, but there is also a shortage of more power consumption and high cost. As I understand it, TFT should be the best display technology in LCD screens.

IPS screen: IPS is an upgrade from the TFT technology, the essence or TFT screen, but is the use of IPS technology TFT screen. Compared to ordinary TFT screens, it has a large viewing angle, accurate color reproduction, touch no waterline, environmental protection, power-saving, and other advantages.

SLCD screen: SLCD is a splicing special LCD screen, is a high-grade advanced variety of LCD, characterized by warmer colors, restore true, more natural, suitable for human eyes to watch. By understanding, HTC is the most applied.

OLED screen: OLED refers to organic light-emitting diodes, OLED without backlight support, with self-luminous, while having a wide viewing angle, high contrast, low power consumption, high response rate, and full color, simple process advantages.

We also classify them by driver, passive OLED, and active OLED, they are called PMOLED, AMOLED.

Now the flagship phones are used AMOLED screen, including the current Apple 11, Apple 12 will certainly use this screen, this screen has a bendable, wide color gamut characteristics, display more vivid colors, and has the advantages of self-lighting low power consumption, has become a mainstream high-end mobile phone hot choice.

Finally, I'll give you a comparison table (> better than, ~ similar)

Color Vividness super AMOLED>AMOLED~IPS>SLCD>TFT

Color saturation super AMOLED~IPS>AMOLED>SLCD>TFT

Contrast ratio IPS~SLCD>super AMOLED>AMOLED>TFT

Display detail super AMOLED~IPS>AMOLED>SLCD>TFT

Viewing angle super AMOLED>IPS>SLCD~AMOLED>TFT

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