TFT-LCD is a thin-film field-effect transistor LCD, which is one kind of active matrix type liquid crystal display.

 TFT-LCD, is the only comprehensive performance in the brightness, contrast, power consumption, life, volume, and weight to catch up and exceed the CRT display device, it has excellent performance, mass production characteristics, a high degree of automation, low cost of raw materials, broad development space, will quickly become the mainstream products in the new century, is a bright spot in the 21st-century global economic growth.

  1. TFT-LCD main features

 With the maturity of TFT technology in the early nineties, color LCD flat panel display rapidly developed, less than 10 years, TFT-LCD rapidly grew into the mainstream display, which is inseparable from the advantages it has. The main features are.

 Good use characteristics: low voltage applications, low driving voltage, solidified safety and reliability; flat panel, and thin, saving a lot of raw materials and space; low power consumption, its power consumption is about one-tenth of CRT display, reflective TFT-LCD, and even only about one percent of CRT, saving a lot of energy; TFT-LCD products and specifications, size, model, and so on. Series, variety, easy and flexible use, easy maintenance, update, upgrade, long service life, and many other features. The display range covers the range from 1 inch to 40 inches of all display applications and the projection plane, is a full-size display terminal; display quality from the most simple monochrome character graphics to high resolution, high color fidelity, high brightness, high contrast, the high response speed of various specifications of the video display; display mode have a direct view, projection type, see-through type, also have a reflective type.

  2. TFT-LCD market analysis

  TFT-LCD is a typical representative of active-matrix liquid crystal display (AM LCD), its research is the most active, the fastest development, application growth is also the most rapid, in the notebook computer, camcorder, and digital camera monitor screen applications such as leading, in addition, it is in the geographic information system and aircraft cabin, portable DVD, desktop computer and multimedia display, etc. are well used.

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Application of TFT-LCD