LCD panel resolution in recent years to upgrade quickly, 4K has been commonplace, even the mobile phone screen such a small size can also have a 2K resolution level. It is important to know that the LCD panel resolution upgrade, in fact, was once very difficult, but now there are new technologies to have such a breakthrough.

The credit behind the resolution upgrade is actually the TFT drive material upgrade. So what is TFT drive?

The liquid crystal can display images, in fact, is the use of liquid crystal molecules flip the principle, and control the flip of liquid crystal components there are many kinds, such as TN and STN and so on. TFT is currently the most widely used form of driving.

TFT-LCD's active-matrix liquid crystal display device will have a set of active devices on each pixel, so the drive to this device is the drive to the active device on each pixel. The video signal is added to the source column line to control the luminescence or not and the luminescence color of each set of pixel cells on the LCD screen, thus achieving the purpose of displaying a color image.

In the past, due to the TFT driver's material capabilities do not work, using amorphous silicon, which has a low carrier rate, so the size must be increased to have the ability to flip liquid crystal molecules. The TFT is too large, it will affect the light transmittance, so the small size of the LCD panel can not be upgraded to high resolution, because the higher the resolution, the more liquid crystal molecules, the more TFT components need to be assembled. TFT more up, the screen light transmittance is very low, no way to use.

And with the advent of oxide TFTs, which are small in size while having a high carrier rate, this allows the TFT switch to be much smaller, but no less capable, and even more capable. This is why it is now possible to achieve ultra-high resolution on small LCD panels.

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