Today's new machine releases will always use some so-called terms, such as TFT, IPS, and the screen material is one of the manufacturers' hype points, mainly to attract the attention of the audience. Next, I will talk about the IPS screen and TFT screen used in mobile phone screens.

Specific information

TFT (Thin Film Transistor) is a thin film field effect transistor, which is a type of active matrix liquid crystal display. Each liquid crystal pixel on the TFT liquid crystal display is driven by a thin film transistor integrated behind it. TFT is to configure a semiconductor switching device for each pixel, and directly control each pixel through dot pulses, and because each node is It is relatively independent and can be controlled continuously.

IPS screen (In-Plane Switching, plane switching) technology is a liquid crystal panel technology introduced by Hitachi in 2001, commonly known as "Super TFT". IPS screen technology can change the arrangement of liquid crystal particles, and adopts horizontal switching technology to speed up liquid crystal molecules. The deflection speed is high, so as to ensure the clarity of the picture when jittering, and at the same time have super expressive power. IPS screens have a very good viewing angle performance by nature, and the four axial directions can also achieve a viewing angle close to 180 degrees. .

The IPS screen and the TFT screen are actually one kind of screen, but they are just speculation when the new machine is released. Although they belong to the same screen, there are still differences between them. If the TFT screen is the main body of the mobile phone screen, then the IPS screen is a technical name under TFT. Simply understand, the IPS screen is the TFT screen. One kind.

The IPS hard screen has a clear and ultra-stable dynamic display effect. It depends on its innovative horizontal conversion molecular arrangement, which changes the vertical molecular arrangement of the VA soft screen, so it has a more solid and stable liquid crystal structure. IPS screen technology can be said to be based on TFT Upgrade based on technology, but the essence is still TFT screen.

Many netizens may ask, TFT screen or IPS screen, which one is better? For this problem, I think the IPS screen will be better, because IPS technology is upgraded on the basis of TFT, which is why IPS has the nickname Super TFT.

Generally, TFT and IPS screens are used in mobile phones and TV screens. After reading this article, everyone should know a little bit about LCD screens.

Simply tell you what is the difference between IPS and TFT screens?