TN is Twisted Nematic ( twistedbaiNematic) The contraction of the panelduwrite.



       This is azhiLow cost and most widely useddaoInto the gate level of the liquid crystal panelVersionCurrently on the marketrightIt is widely used in low-end and middle-end liquid crystal displays. At present, most of the TN panels we see are modified TN+film. Film is the compensation film, which is used to make up for the lack of viewing angle of TN panels. Currently, the viewing angle of improved TN panels reaches 160°. Of course, this is the manufacturer. The limit value measured when the contrast ratio is 10:1, in fact, when the contrast ratio drops to 100:1, the image has been distorted or even color cast.


    The advantages of TN panels are that due to the low number of output gray levels, the rapid deflection of liquid crystal molecules, and the easy improvement of response time, TN panels are basically used for liquid crystal products below 8ms on the market. In addition, Samsung has also developed a B-TN (Best-TN) panel, which is actually an improved type of TN panel, mainly to balance the contradiction of high-speed response of TN panel that must sacrifice image quality. At the same time, the contrast ratio can reach 700:1, which is close to MVA or early PVA panels.

Many panel manufacturers in Taiwan produce TN panels. TN panels are soft screens, and similar water lines will appear when you lightly swipe them with your hands.

What is tn screen, TFT?