TFT LCD screen has always been the mainstream in the display industry, and its longevity is by no means accidental. It has achieved brilliant results in terms of luminous efficiency, full color, and life, and it is still being deepened. . What are the specific parts of its manufacturing process? Below, Youyi Vision will briefly introduce you:

The manufacturing process of TFT LCD screen has the following parts: forming a tft array on a tft substrate; forming a color filter pattern and an ito conductive layer on a color filter substrate; forming a liquid crystal cell with two substrates; installing peripheral circuits and assembling a backlight And other module assembly.

The process of forming a tft array on a tft substrate has realized industrialization of tft types including: amorphous silicon tft (a-si tft), polysilicon tft (p-si tft), monocrystalline silicon tft (c-si tft) ) Several kinds. Currently the most used is still a-si tft. The manufacturing process of a-si tft is to sputter the gate material film on the borosilicate glass substrate, and form the gate wiring pattern after mask exposure, development, and dry etching.

Stepper exposure machine is generally used for mask exposure. The second step is to use the pecvd method for continuous film formation to form a sinx film, an undoped a-si film, and a phosphorus-doped n+a-si film. Then mask exposure and dry etching are performed to form the a-si pattern of the tft part. The third step is to form a transparent electrode (ito film) by a sputtering film forming method, and then form a display electrode pattern through mask exposure and wet etching. The fourth step is to form the contact hole pattern of the insulating film at the gate end using mask exposure and dry etching. The fifth step is to sputter Al, etc. into a film, expose and etch with a mask to form the source, drain and signal line patterns of tft. Finally, a protective insulating film is formed by the pecvd method, and then the insulating film is etched and formed by mask exposure and dry etching (the protective film is used to protect the gate, the end of the signal line electrode and the display electrode). At this point, the entire process is completed.


Comprehensive analysis of the manufacturing process of TFT LCD screen