Answer: LED is better. At present, notebook screen materials are mainly divided into TFT and LED. The biggest difference between the two is that the latter has a wider color gamut, and the screen contrast can be made larger.

 At the same time, it also needs to save energy and see volume. Far better than TFT, so LED is the focus of future notebook screen development, the unified release of notebook computer LED is the general trend. However, there are also differences in LEDs. LEDs are divided into white LEDs and three-color (RGB) LEDs. The latter is more high-end, but the corresponding volume cannot be made so thin, and the price is also high, so most of the current notebooks are practical It is Baiguang LED, but the gap between white LED and TFT in actual parameters and subjective feelings is not significantly widened, which is a pity.

 In addition, the original poster, WXGA refers to the resolution of the screen. Both are 1280*800, this resolution is more mainstream, suitable for 14.1 inches 

Which Notebook Screen Is Better, TFTWXGA Or LEDWXGA?