Do you know how to install the LCD screen?In our life, a lot of equipment will use LCD LCD screen, today Xiaobian to analyze specifically for you how to properly assemble LCD LCD screen, I hope to help you.

LCD LCD panel assembly tools are mainly hammers and wrenches, which are used to twist the frame feet.The sequence of assembly operations begins with the orderly placement of all tools and raw materials on the workbench.Secondly, the shell is correctly placed on the workbench according to the instructions of the process card. If there is assembly tooling, put it on the tooling as required, and pay attention to the correct direction of the shell.Next, remove the protective film of the LCD screen, wipe the electrode clean with dust-free paper, confirm the direction, and correctly put it into the shell according to the instructions of the process card.Take out the circuit board. If you want to add a backlight, fix the backlight on the PCB board first.According to the instructions of the process card, the circuit board should be aligned with the frame position and loaded into the shell to press the zebra strip tightly. Then, the shell and the circuit board should be fixed with special assembly tools.Pay attention to twist the frame foot into a 45° Angle, do not gnaw the board and break the wire, so that the frame and PCB board parallel contact.Then the finished product will be assembled, removed from the workbench, stick the protective film, into the turnover plate.Pay attention to make the screen relative to the screen and the board relative to the board, so as to avoid scratches. After the product is assembled, hand it over to the inspection personnel for testing, and reassemble it if it is not qualified.

The purpose of LCD LCD panel assembly is to make the screen and the circuit board of each electrode one-to-one correspondence, so that its electrical performance.But because the screen is not in direct contact with the circuit board, and through the conductive adhesive strip as a medium, so that the screen and the board can not be visually corresponding, so that their corresponding electrodes can not correspond to each other, resulting in dislocation phenomenon.In the assembly process, the corresponding electrode connection of the screen and the circuit board is called the counterpoint. In the assembly, the counterpoint of the screen and the board is mainly through the counterpoint of the screen and the board, and the shell and the board are used to realize the corresponding of the screen and the board in the assembly.Shell as the intermediate medium, as the corresponding standard between the screen and the shell, plays a great role in the counterpoint.The alignment methods mainly include side alignment, pinhole alignment and middle alignment.

How to install LCD screen