As we all know, now a lot of places will be used to the LCD display module, the use of a very wide range. But if there are some failures, the following is a good explanation of the LCD module related questions:

Fault 1: the interface mode of the display module is a three-wire serial interface (B) type. After power on, the display screen has no display. After connecting the simulator, how to debug it also has no reflection at all.

Answer: The module of the three-wire serial interface (B) type is automatically in hibernation state after power on. The display pin has no waveform output and the display screen has no display, which is normal. If there is no reflection during debugging, we should first check whether the connection is correct and whether the connection is reliable, and then find the reasons from the following aspects:

If using 51 series MCU, please download the interface program directly, do not need to modify any part of the subroutine; Then the simulator is used for single-step debugging, and the output line is measured with a multimeter to confirm that the level of the outlet line corresponds to the program. If it is not a 51 series single-chip microcomputer, please refer to the interface program of 51 series single-chip microcomputer and conduct single-step debugging according to the interface timing sequence. At the same time, use a multimeter to measure the output line and confirm that the port line-level corresponds to the program and interface timing sequence. If it is impossible to debug out, please contact our company in time, and send back the LCD display module for testing if necessary.

LCD Display module fault solving skills: no display after power on