Best Solution for Smart TFT LCM

STONE Smart TFT LCM with UART & Json Code Instruction.
Powerful & Multi-Function GUI Designer Software.
Various Industry Application.


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Free gui design software

What is the STONE Designer Software?

It‘s an efficient, flat design, support for quick operation of the interface, graphical interface, no need for programming base .

What is everyone saying?

I was very pleased with the packaging of the items. The screens and accessories are well protected. They provide all the accessories needed to link the screen, all product technical information can be found in the USB drive.
Rafael Stokes
The screen is well made, smooth, clean. Picture quality is great. Flash Memory, RTC all reach my expectation. The seller responds very fast when I got questions about the items. Highly recommend.
Chelsea Turner
Setting up was pretty easy. The interface design is easy to follow, you can get software operating guidelines at their official website.
Jacqueline Mueller
The product looks great and the quality is excellent. I had some tough problems developing the product and stone gave professional and timely feedback. It is a trustworthy company Thank you!
Olive Borer
Im a customer from Srilanka.. Thank you so much! its very fast shipping via FedEx, It is working Wonderful. Im highly recommend this product.. 100% Satisfaction. Very quike reply from seller and you can ask Technical support also! Warning : Use 5V 2A.
Priscilla Jacobson
The screen quality is very good and intact, the gui design is very friendly, this is the best product I have ever come across!
Joseph Reinger

+86 10 8435 1669

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